We are inviting designers from across Bedfordshire to come together for the first Design Festival Luton & Beds 2016

The Design Festival will celebrate creative disciplines across the county. Under the concept of Local Cosmopolitanism designers will inspire the next generation by showcasing their work to promote the cultural richness of Bedfordshire.

Organised by the School of Art and Design at the University of Bedfordshire and partners, the one-day event will invite design works from participants of all ages. This will be showcased in an exhibition held at Alexon House, School of Art and Design, Luton. The event will be open to the public offering an insight into local design. The festival will also invite attendees to sign up to a number of workshops and designer talks throughout the day to give a taster to different practices. The workshops will be an introduction to drawing, screen-printing, digital (introduction to website design) as well as 3D printing and laser cutting.




It is easy to forget in ‘a world of strangers’ that we are all connected: locally and globally; and often it is the purpose of Art and Design to remind us all of the cosmopolitan nature of the world we live in. Art and Design can allow us to see the connections (and differences), which bind our communities. Whether it is the use of colour, materials or language; Art and Design uses each as building blocks to remind us how important we are as individuals, but also the benefits of understanding each other collectively – as people.

Local designers are invited to submit one piece of work in accordance with the above theme. Successful applicants will be asked to be available from 29th November – 1st December for delivering and curating their work as part of the exhibition.

Participation: Free

Deadline for submission: October 30th 2016

Apply now by emailing:

Please include a photograph of the work being submitted and a 100-word abstract introducing the work. Please also include a signed copy of the application form that can be found here:   PDF